How much does Solar cost?

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When considering solar, one of the first questions people have is: “How much will my solar system cost?”. It’s important to realize that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to estimating the cost of installing solar panels on your home. The cost of a residential solar system depends on multiple factors, including: • Whether tax credits, net metering or other…

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Why go Solar in Bakersfield?

As Bakersfield and Kern County residents we experience hotter and longer Summers than most of California. When the summer sun beats down on our communities, and temperatures rise into the triple digits, we turn to our air conditioners and pools for relief. But even while enjoying the nice cool air or a refreshing dip, we…

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Going Solar in Bakersfield and Kern County

Bakersfield Solar Panels

When summer hits in Bakersfield, the pain isn’t just felt outdoors with triple-digit temperatures, but also indoors when the monthly PG&E bill arrives. Even when averaged out over the entire year, Kern County residents’ electricity usage is well above national average. That is why going solar makes a lot of sense to so many in our community. With a high efficiency solar…

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